Like a Hero

Unknown to many, last Thursday was already a patriotic day for me, as some friends and I went to Meralco Theater to catch a musical tribute to Ninoy Aquino and Corazon Aquino. I wouldn't go into details of what had happened in the musical, but there was one thing I remember: and it was to fight for the country.

Now, I don't know, had it been 2011, or 2012 or any other year, I might've just chalked it up as a cliche and that just might've passed from ear to ear. I guess, this year's Ninoy's anniversary hits a nerve, as the country faces a big battle against it's PDAF/Pork Barrel.

Ten years ago, {sue me} I wouldn't even have cared. I wouldn't have known why I should care. And now that I do, I cannot accept that I wouldn't do anything about it.

As the call for the #MillionPeopleMarch ignited all over social media, I quickly searched for a companion to make a stand. In a very fitting timing, on National Heroes' Day nonetheless, I did something heroic for the country {without dying, of course}. It was more than enough to make a stand. {Thank you Allan and Tita Fatz for the photos.}

What did you do for your country today?
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