Things I Love Sundays: Changes

There was an interesting study that was released by American Express sometime ago that keeps hounding me.

We found that today’s Americans have recalibrated the linear path to which previous generations once aspired. In its place, people are embarking on a route full of twists, turns, detours and side trips. These surprising and sometimes unplanned roads to success have become so frequent, that most Americans expect and in many cases are embracing them. As a result, we dubbed this project: the ‘LifeTwist’ Study.

What was interesting was that {even if, of course, we are not Americans}, the study proceeds to find that people redefines success, from the proverbial perfect career and family life, to now, being open to change {an astounding 94%}. 85% says that success is all about finding time for important things in life and an equal percentage is also about having a great relationship.

It was good to know that life seems to be taking a more non-linear approach where people can actually be broke and happy {shoutout to you, Alanis!} or financially capable but not gaining money from predefined sets of jobs or careers. At least in the Philippines, the younger ones are opting with "funemployment" and freelancing.

Now, where was I again?

You see, I had spent the last week in a new company. It is a new industry, which for a few months, in anticipation, brought me a lot of feel good feels and coming-of-age realizations. I didn't realize how it was going to actually feel like until I sat in my new space, in a building that doesn't feel like home yet and an environment that still needs breaking in.

It felt so much like change. I realized that I could, after all, make it to work at 8 AM. I love the fact that I just have to walk a block to go to work. Or that if I need a couple of IDs, I just need to cross the road. I love that I am not compelled to stay late in the office as I had self-imposed before. I am discovering the differences of the fast moving consumer goods from the financial services industry. I am gaining a lot of insight as to how and where Filipinos store their toothbrushes {you would be surprised!} and that the actual toothbrush penetration of the Philippines is just at 50%. Eeep. That is why life insurance penetration is at 1%. Wow.

I could bore you with more statistics but if I could summarize the week that has been, it is this: Life is all about changing and the easier we accept that it does, the easier it is for us to enjoy what is in front of us. And in my case, the faster I am able to ride these changes, then maybe I can call myself a success.

And in non-statistical news, some Instagrams of my life last week:

A gift and a letter from my dear friend, Tania

A gift and a letter from Anna

Hair color with other than THE Louis Phillip Kee and Peter Hartley

Shooting a BDJ Box video 

Coming home to the smell of home

Twinsie Nails with Nic

The New Team

A bottle of rosé to end my first week at my new job

My mantra necklace that says "Loved" and spending chika time with my girls. I am blessed.

It may not have an Instagram photo but I am so happy to have met a longtime reader, Gerilen, last Wednesday at the BDJ Veteran Night. This post is dedicated to you, Gerilen! Thank you for reminding me of things I am thankful for, like you!

Here's the perfect song for the upcoming week:

When everything right in front of you is changing, remember to hold on to that what you know of who you are, who loves you.

Cheers to more blessed amazing days!
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