What I Know For Sure: Sundays

Hello there, dearest reader! I'm fully aware that I've already coughed up a very long photo essay about what has been happening to me here. Yet here I am with another post. I guess the last week hasn't provided a lot of time and space to be able to hear my own thinking. The thoughts are all coming this weekend, as I hunker down to my desk and just transfuse everything into a post.


  • Makeup should always be just 20% or less of the face's total composition. I remember this from Estee Lauder's Blair Patterson from the other Saturday and it will always jerk me back to the reality that bad skin can never be hidden. Ever. Work on the skin first, always.
  • Start with the most important things, even on Sundays. I have quite a number of tasks lined up for today and I honestly can't wait to nap. But the most important of them all is going to worship, which I usually do at 8 PM. Today, I did it at 10 AM and life is amazingly good. Today's worship led by Pastor Joey Bonifacio was as always, enlightening.
  • The candle that burns twice as bright burns half as long. In matters of love and craft, it's important to keep things paced well.
  • There will be no end to people who gossip about you, people who do not like you, annoying cab drivers and joyless vendors. It will always be up to you to rise above it and to kill them with kindness.
  • Life is what you make it to be --- so laugh, smile and giggle!

Happy Sunday, dearest readers!