Things I Love Sundays: New Routines

In the latest episode of Grey's Anatomy, Dr. Meredith Grey loses a surgery to her bestfriend, Dr. Cristina Yang. Meredith had been running around and everywhere, as she had promised Zola a tea party yet, she had a liver transplant to perform, too. I couldn't remember her exact line but I knew Yang told Grey that it's okay not to be the best surgeon if it meant being the best mom, especially since that was her life's priority.

Somewhere, somehow, something's gotta give.

I believe the same topic had risen up when my friends and I were celebrating R's birthday salubong. What do you want to give up to achieve your dreams? I hadn't thought of mine then but I know that now. I am giving up that now because there's one more dream left to achieve to complete that trifecta of changes this year. In the grand scheme of things, three years is a long time to be settling for what cannot contribute to one's dream.

Just like Meredith, I am building new days and new routines. These days, I start my day at 5:30 AM, forge strong through the day and end work by 5:30, at the latest. I sometimes use my lunchtime to nap and come back to work fresh as a daisy. 12AM ceased to become my bedtime and I am in fact, asleep, most nights, by 10 PM. I am building new friendships, seeing new perspectives and getting immersed with all sorts of environment. My world has changed so much since and while new spaces to fit in will sometimes be uncomfortable, I know that I wouldn't trade this for anything.

Getting to know Thai cuisine again through this lovely new restaurant, Silk Road at Net Cube

Sharing a meal with my mommy-to-be amazing friend, Shen

Leisure breakfasts, proper coffee, and a good book.

My new {uncluttered} workstation

Pretty food <3

Meeting THE Ginggay Joven Dela Merced and talking about {secret} fun stuff =P

Happy Skin!

More than being a brand committed to making the skin happy and healthy, I'm ecstatic to see this brand finally make its way to the Philippine market. Congratulations to my dearest friends behind this lovely brand!

Wine Pairing + yummy Filipino food. That's a Clos Des Verdots Moelleux 2010, a Semillon-Muscadelle 2010 paired with suman and banana cue.

I saw this local movie last Thursday and despite my reservations, it was really funny and entertaining :)

She's The One 

Speaking of new routines, Sundays are now my flower-picking days. <3 

What about you? What are you thankful for?
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