Getting to Know: Pevonia's Enzymo Spherides Peeling Cream

The BDJ Girls have called me this one time, "The Peeling Queen," if I remember right. And true enough, I am an enthusiast when it comes to peeling my facial skin, at far intervals, of course. With a Blue Peel experience under my belt, I guess it's enough to conclude that I'd go boldly where not many dare to, when it comes to achieving glowing skin.

After being mistaken for someone with a balat for a face {which is, excuse me, not a derogatory remark}, I had then since settled for the lesser invasive procedures of this life. This is why this gift from Elaine of Pevonia comes in perfect timing in my life. I'm in the personal care industry, I haven't peeled my skin in months and I am ready for DIY stuff versus those of invasive procedures.

After a thorough research, a link on how to use it was found on the brand's YouTube channel. Instinctively, I had been looking for reviews online {Makeup Alley did give it a 4.4 out of 5!}, in any case that I needed to be prepared for a crazy aftermath.

Thoughts on the Pevonia Peeling Cream:

  • I used this one Saturday afternoon on my way to a wine pairing class and it was amazing how there seems to be an instant effect. My friend who was with me the night before as well, told me my skin had improved since. It was the only thing I did, skincare-wise.
  • Former colleagues had been commenting how I am more radiant now {I probably had dull skin before LOL} which can be attributed to a lot of things, actually. Proper diet, early bedtime, lots of vegetables, VCO intake, etc. I think this contributes to that, too.
  • And the peeling had commenced. I honestly think they're not honest-to-goodness peeling --- more of the insides of whiteheads and blackheads coming out, which were less terrifying and manageable. For the degree of invasiveness, the skin and comedones that have been coming off is enough and fair enough.
  • Hooray for the light pineapple scent!
  • Product feels velvety and truly, a little goes a long, long way.
  • How to use: Use the spatula provided, spread all over the face, massage gently and rinse off with warm water after two minutes. 
  • Price: PHP 3,740 for a 50 mL jar

Overall: Where has this been all my life? :D Overreacting aside, I am a happy convert with this luxurious peeling cream as I'm on the lookout for something to fill that that once-a-week step gap. I know that my daily regimen is already full as it is, but sometimes skin can be a bit dull and we just need to invigorate it without having to go to the derma.

Recommendation: If you're ready to spring for PHP 3,740 for a jar, by all means, go. :)

Pevonia Enzymo Spherides Peeling Cream is available at all its partner spas in Metro Manila and key cities of the country as well as online :)

PS: Happy birthday to me dearest and one and only brother! I miss you very much!
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