What I Know For Sure: Beyond the surface

I never run out of profound people to talk to, it seems.

Which is a blessing, really. More than ever, life is all about profound conversations these days, digging through history, taking the good out of the bad, looking back and seeing how things were meant to have happened and embracing the future.

Damn, I'm old.

  1. It's not the job, it's what your job lets you do outside of it that matters.
  2. Friendships and other relationships that are meant to be are strengthened by distance. Anything that isn't, is obviously not meant to.
  3. There is plenty of love and abundance in the world to go around, don't panic that things are running out for you.
  4. You don't have to cut a piece of a puzzle to make it fit.
  5. Until you learn the lesson you're supposed to, you will keep making the same mistake. So -- learn the damn thing fast.
  6. In this world, this job, you know you have to be ego-less --- it means not to take things personally. How many things go wrong anyway just because we take things personally?

In other news, here are some things I'm thankful for, in Instagrams. Happy Monday!

Movie nights and Tazo tea. Yum!

Vallformosa, conversations on history and all those that are right in the world.

Words shared by other women. Thanks, M!

Catching Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2 with good friends. Thank you, Uniqlo!

Somebody is getting used to her new routines :D
How to look like a Parisian

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