Birthday Week

Hi there, dearest readers!

Popping in quickly to this blog --- I swear, I did not forget this. The week just has been very busy --- professionally, socially and personally speaking. To add, I celebrated my birthday this week for three days with friends, family and colleagues. Life is amazing!

Normally, I come up with cheesy posts such as this one but life does change {and get even better!} so I guess there's less of that this year. As a side note, I've also been off of social media than I've ever been, save for a couple of Instagrams here and there. The destruction caused by Yolanda had rippled its effects through social media and I didn't want to get tangled in it. Staying away from everyone's opinions can be quite the therapy.

Looking back at my birthday post last year made me realize how farther this year had taken me. My twenty seventh year was monumental --- some of life's biggest changes happened here. Finally standing up on my own, letting go of a comfort zone, to name a few. Somebody once said that 27 is an amazing age to be in and I would have to agree. This is the age where I got to celebrate life, being a woman, and all those details that I've dreamed myself to be in when I was seven.

Anyway, before I run off to Sun Life's Sunpiology Run this afternoon, here are some snaps from the week that was.

PS: To my ZA winners, please wait for the prizes next week. Mwah!

Portrait by Megan Diño, gift from Reyna

Northern Lights

Birthday Flowers, Round 1

Champagne is always a nice way to celebrate your birthday

Because I really am a Bobbi Brown girl :)

Beauty Queen Level Birthday Flowers, Round 2

I'm so lucky to be surrounded by the happiest, kindest women who get along so well despite coming from various stages of my life. Thank you for making my birthday special!

I'm still high from all the rosé, laughter and love last night but I do want to wish you all a nice weekend!

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