The Importance of the Right Underthings

When somebody said that what's inside is more important, I thought that he or she must be referring to the underwear. I'm not sure when it started but recently, a friend who goes to MBA class every Saturday told me her classmates came to school in white sando-ish tops, their bras in colorful hues showing unwittingly. "Is it me, or am I just too manang show off my bra?"

At some points in life, we would see women wearing black underwear with white clothing and white underwear against black clothing. Worse, I internally cringe at women who wear printed, cartoonish and sometimes, ubercolorful underwear under sheer clothes. Whether that was intentional, or not, it is sad that talking about proper underwear size and color matching is still taboo with many.

Recently, we came across the new offerings of Triumph, which features all shades of nude shades, which frankly, are truly best with light-colored clothing. If you also like wearing form-fitting clothes, visit your favorite underwear store and have yourself fitted well. I had myself measured last time in Nova Scotia and after decades of wearing the same size, I'm finally on the next one! =) You can check yours via their Get Fitted page.

Some thoughts on the new Triumph New Nude collection pieces:

  • I love that the material is the kind that doesn't show through delicate clothing like knitwear. Girls, remember this: It's never sexy to have lace show through your clothes. 
  • Perfect choices of color. Nothing too outrageous like neon colors.
  • I'm glad that it's plain enough not to be shown through white sando. What is the deal with that anyway?
  • Padded enough to be flattering but not too much to look fake.
  • Locally available {such as SM Department Store} and online via Zalora. Price range is from PHP 800 to PHP 1,500.
  • Durable -- as long as you handwash and never toss into the washing machine.

Overall: I've been a faithful La Senza and Victoria's Secret user for a long time but it's my first time to try Triumph and hooray for value for money! I recommend! Triumph is available at SM Department Stores and via Zalora.

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