What Christmas {and 2013} Taught Me

Photo by Abigail Bautista | @thewanderingdakini

  1. Life can be hard for people with disability. Ever since I sprained my left ankle, and even if I know this is nothing permanent, I began to look for the small pockets of convenience in places I frequent. There are places with steep stairways and those that have smooth landings. Here's to hoping more public places give attention to people with disabilities.
  2. A new year beckons cleansing. My friends and I agreed to go cleansing together {somehow in the same period}. With this came the idea of cleansing our bodies of toxins, ridding our lives of regrets, people we really couldn't care less about, thoughts that don't do us any good, and fallen hopes. I say it's the best idea I've heard of in quite a while.
  3. When you're out of a crisis, you just know. Been reading Meg Jay's The Defining Decade and I couldn't help but reminisce the year that I was 25. I was living a crazy life, didn't know what to do with my life but hopeful. Today, my life is still not perfect but I am out of the crisis. I'm extremely grateful.
  4. It's not what you deserve. It's what you choose. Making the better best choice is probably one of the best gifts I ever gave myself.
  5. The road is winding and long --- but I am happy to be here. I'm so glad I made the choices I did this year {living independently, changed jobs, big ticket investments among others}. It doesn't mean that what I left were bad, but I do recognize that fact that people change. I changed, somehow, and I had to find and chase my way to happiness.
  6. Don't ever look back. Look up and move forward.

Coldplay | Death and All His Friends

Cheers to another year of making the best choices.
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