Tara's Top 5 Holiday Movies

If there's anything I love about the Christmas season, aside from spending time with family, friends and colleagues {outside of work} is that I get to indulge in one of my life's pleasures, holiday movies. This year, I haven't sat down to really feel the holiday slowdown and watch these movies in the process but I will do that this week!

Ladies and {gentlemen}, this is my holiday movie list. What's on yours?

1. Serendipity | 2001.  I do not remember where I first saw Serendipity but I remember loving it the first time I watched it. I remember mentally taking note of its soundtrack {particular Bap Kennedy's Moonlight Kiss} and have watched it every year since then.

2. Love, Actually | 2003. Who doesn't like Love, Actually? If you ask me, Love, Actually set the trend for all star cast type of movies. So much love, so much funnies. And who doesn't love this scene?

3. Love Affair | 1994. Sigh. Heartbreakingly beautiful.

4. The Holiday | 2006. Life can really surprise you sometimes.

5. While You Were Sleeping | 1995. Hits close to home :)