Chronicles of Palettes: Inglot's Freedom Palette

Happy Monday, ladies! 

I'm honestly surprised to see my blog traffic still steady despite me being very erratic with blogging. The new job is still on a roll with teaching me new things that it is maddeningly requiring every inch of my focus most days, I barely have the energy to blog on weekdays. I am thankful I get to do this during weekends though, and my mind is fully engaged with all things beauty, books, travel preparation and spending time with my loved ones.

Today, I get to review an awesome innovation in the world of makeup artistry: Inglot's Freedom Palette, in shades I picked up myself, of course.

The Tara Cabullo Palette V2, top to bottom: Lip color in 88, Cream Concealer in Green, Rainbow Eyeshadow in 117 and the blush color in I forgot the # :D

Things I Love:

  • Blendable. I especially loved that the rainbow eyeshadow was supremely blendable and finely milled. I've only tried it dry but I suppose it works as well when wet. 
  • Neutral, Natural. I love it that I can wear it to the office. Hooray!
  • Reasonably priced at PHP 475 for the rainbow eyeshadow, PHP 495 for blushes, lipsticks at PHP 375.
  • Magnetic Chic. I was amazed and amused at how things clicked at each other because of the magnets. Pure awesomeness!
  • Classy. It fits my makeup bag and I'm not hiya to bring it out in public.
  • I finally have a contouring powder! 

Overall: I recommend Inglot's Freedom Palette to makeup artists who are building their collections and to those who need one of each {eyeshadow, concealer and lipstick as well as blush} every day. Space saver, too!

Oh, and here's me wearing it, since I realized I haven't posted an FOTD in a long time. I did not wear the lipstick in this photo as I am on my way to work.

Inglot is available at Glorietta 5, Makati City.
Happy Monday!
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