Off the list: Attend a music festival

If there was one thing I missed out on adding when I made my list, it was to build it accordingly, over time, and not in one sitting. I think this is primarily because I wanted to come up with a whole list of tactics before I even thought of the strategy. I missed out on the big picture and concentrated on the small details.

In my head, I knew I've always wanted to attend a music festival like that of Coachella, since it was the only thing I knew. Sooner than later, my own country had a music festival with an amazing lineup, most especially a band that most of us like. I mean, who doesn't like Red Hot Chili Peppers?

It was as if Anthony Kiedis, Flea and the rest of RHCP and I were meant to meet {LOL}, my bestfriend brought me and some of our friends to Clark, Pampanga to rock out to the Peppers.

My heart was in festival heaven. And if you're curious, this was RHCP's opening, Can't Stop:

%^*)#@1. There were no words for it.

It was like the floodgates of my sixteen year old's self's soul opened up to the tune of the God of Bass Guitar himself, Flea. I had been jumping up and down, phone in one hand and a can of beer in the other, in the midst of 1990s sounding howls, screams and inhaling the second hand {weed and yosi} smoke. I have to hand it to the not-so gentle men, their voice, stage presence and visual was much, much better in person. It's like they did not age at all, save for some saggy skin here and there. The stage, that huge Philippine sun you've been seeing online and the sound system was more than we, third world concert goers, could ask for.

If you're heading to a music festival anytime soon {praying hard that some Malasimbo tickets will fall onto my lap for Jose Gonzales' performance}, here are some tips from a festival-virgin-no-more:


  • Don't bring valuables. Festivals tend to have that hippie feel, so people are relaxed and chilled out. Since it's the Philippines though, it may not be worth being too chill to be leaving things around though.
  • Bring your carefree spirit. Admittedly, I felt like an uptight corporate junkie in the presence of young kids dancing to Kendrick Lamar like they just don't care {in a bikini top, too!}. However, it was nothing several cans of San Mig Light couldn't fix. By the time RHCP came on, I was jamming with the kids behind me like we're all from the same decade.
  • I'm not sure how I'd feel if there wasn't any artist I like as many young adults are after the experience, which sounds amazing {Malasimbo, I am summoning you}. If I can say anything about this experience, I recommend trying it out at least once in this lifetime, especially if you're going with people you're very close to. Super fun!

 Overall, I am still thrilled and hungover from the 7107 International Music Festival experience and I'm really glad RHCP finally came here. Surely beats attending a concert inside a music hall, too!

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