Weekends are Letting the Freak Flags Fly

I still can't believe I did not go to Malasimbo. I've been seeing several updates from Instagram and a friend sent me photos of José Gonzalez chilling at the beach. Good times, indeed --- Malasimbo or not.

That's the thing --- as you age, no matter how vagabond-ish you want to become, if you aren't able to work out the responsible bits of your whims {as this trip is of the spontaneous kind to me, so therefore, unbudgeted}, plus I hadn't planned out the details I'm coming back to Manila by Monday morning, I'm spending the weekend at my home.

Which turned out to be an awesome thing, actually.

It's amazing how one can wake up on a weekend and feel like a completely different person. This article on Elite Daily did summarize it very nicely:

Weekdays are sealing envelopes; weekends are pushing the envelope.
Weekdays are for acquaintances; weekends are getting to know someone a little bit better.
Weekdays are being on time; weekends are having the time of your life.
Weekdays are for getting out of bed; weekends are for never leaving it. (Amen to that!)
Weekdays are for working; weekends are for twerking. (Amen to that one, too!)
Weekdays are for getting down to business; weekends are for getting down to the beat.
Weekdays are for professionalism, profundity and productivity; weekends are for profanity, problems and promoters.
Weekdays mean hunkering down; weekends mean downing that hunk (Relax, Dad, I’m making a funny here.)
Weekdays you’ll be on that “Suit and Tie”; weekends you’re rocking your F-me pumps with Amy Winehouse.
Weekdays we’re on that grind; weekends we’re off the grid.
Weekdays are deadlines; weekends are blowing lines. (JK! Drugs are bad!)
Weekdays never seem to end; we wish weekends were endless. (Until you wake up with a hangover the magnitude of Kanye’s ego.)

Weekdays we stay the course; weekends we cross the line.
Weekdays it’s about keeping our mouths shut; weekends we’re shutting down the haters.
Weekdays are getting bread; weekends are getting sauced.
Weekdays are perfectly placed coifs; weekends are messy top knots.

In my case, weekends are for spontaneous swim laps, letting my hair down, singing the day away to Jack Johnson, watching HappyThankYouMorePlease, reading non business books, dreaming of my travel getaways this year, eating caramel cookies and falling into afternoon naps.

Oh, weekends!
Happy Saturday!
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