The Good, The Bad and the Wicked

This morning, upon waking up, I wondered, Does Glinda miss Elphaba sometimes?

A story of friendship more than anything, Wicked was like a beautiful suckerpunch, disguised as cleverly thrown punch lines, a grandiose set of Oz, of Emerald City, squeals and laughters reminiscent of --- well, of something.

If you haven't seen it and planning to, I'm giving you enough time to close this window because, MAJOR spoilers ahead.

Glinda and Elphie's {a name Glinda baptized Elphaba with} story was of two unlikely people, striking a friendship at wizardry school. Elphie, with her green skin and drab, black clothing, and Glinda, with her bubbly personality, forever sparkly outfits, love for giving makeovers --- they were two people put together by the circumstance of being roommates.

Soon, Glinda announces she's marrying Fiyero, who was also in love with Elphie and the conflict continues. Elphie must flee the Emerald City as she was then began to touted as the wicked witch of the west and therefore must be burned down. I don't know about many of the people watching but I was sad for Glinda the entire time. First, she helps Elphaba hide, she loses Fiyero to Elphie and is left to deal with Elphie's "death."

Emerald seats are completely worth it. 
In hindsight, that's probably for the better, for good.

In other news, if there's any musical at all to splurge on, this would be it. I know I must've implied that last time I watched and wrote about Phantom of the Opera --- but there isn't any reason why one shouldn't save up for eye-level seats. If I only had money for one, I'd choose Wicked over POTO any day. The stage production value was beyond what I had expected, there was never a second I got bored and I the performance alone of Elphie and Glinda of Defying Gravity, was enough for me to fork over a substantial amount of money to TicketWorld.

On top of the crazy amazing stage production, Wicked's story is one for the books, one that's so simple, so normal it hits close to home. Like Glinda, I had some friends who are better off --- well, without them in my world and vice versa. Like Glinda, I had to think of someone as gone -- for the better. Doesn't mean you weren't changed for good, though. But hey, that is another story.

Since Wicked had a green theme, I allotted much of my afternoon to creating a gold and green look inspired by Elphie and Glinda of course!

Foundation: Maybelline BB Cream + Ellana Minerals in French Vanilla Latte
Eyes: MAC Sage & Wisdom + Shu Uemura Gold
Bobbi Brown Gel Liner in Black Ink
Eyebrows: MAC Girl Boy

Blush: Benefit Rockateur
Lips: MAC Pink Nouveau

More than having the requisite Wicked wall shot, I'd like to show you how I'm wearing high heels again! YAY!

Overall: Where do I begin? I get it now. I get it why people watch it over and over --- it's the perfect mix of sad and feel good and it's worth dressing up for, getting caught up for. I'm hoping I can catch this at London's West End and New York's Broadway in the super near future :)

Of course, a post will not be complete without a music part and below is the ending song of Wicked. Originally, someone told me about it without any context. Now that I know what the context is, guess you can say I am a fan now.

For Good

I'm pretty sure Glinda misses Elphie all the time. Yes, some people mourn the wicked.
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