The Importance of Hair Treatments

In the hierarchy of the things I do to my hair, it seems to be that my last priority would be that of undergoing hair treatments. All my life, I've been branded as the girl with the healthy hair, conveniently forgetting that for the last eight years, I subjected my hair to various chemicals to have it colored and permed every so often.

Untouched Hair, some eight years ago 

Now, times have changed, I have my hair colored every two months, have it permed every six months and blow dry it every morning. It's inevitable that hair gets to be a LOT drier at the ends, and at some instances, gets really tangled. My hair stylists often recommend hair treatments but I often forego this process because a) I often have time for what I planned which is a haircut, hair color or perm, b) I am annoyed at how salon staff pronounce the word "treatment" --- that kind where they say the word "treat" a little too quickly. No, thank you.

However, when I had my hair retouched with color last weekend, my hair was undeniably drier than ever. I just knew I had undergo a little bit of reviving treatment at the soonest possible chance. As I was in Quezon City, I chose to try out the new Introspect Salon at Fisher Mall, Quezon Ave.

An hour and a half later, these were the following thoughts I had about hair treatments:

  • I promise to plan for my future hair treatments from now on. Having hair treatments is like an intense hair conditioning session, complete with a massage {I loved this bit!}.
  • Hair gets revived afterwards --- HOORAY!
  • Reasonable price at PHP 1,900.
  • Introspect Salon is a piece of quietness at the chaotic space of Fisher Mall {3F Fisher Mall, Quezon Avenue, Quezon City} =P
  • Introspect Salon's staff are friendly and thoughtful so yay for that!
  • It's important to proceed with a hair treatment after a chemical treatment to preserve the hair's health and not get all dried out.

Overall: If I'm in Quezon City area, I would definitely go back, especially since Fisher Mall doesn't charge parking fees. 

And speaking of salons, here's a promo for another salon favorite, who is having a 50% off promo on hair color treatments:

Promo runs from February 13 to 16
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