Things I Love Sundays: Valentine's Week

For someone who hasn't been seeing anyone for quite a while, I am a happy camper during Valentine's week. Without meaning to, I did the usual Valentine's romp that couples indulge in during Valentine's Day like catch a movie, have an intimate dinner, wine and dine. It's funny how everyone says they never go out during V Day but end up going out anyway. The traffic in the metro, as I have heard, was crazy.

Continuous learning | Brains on Fire

Catching up with my dearest,  Sophie. Thank you for being my advisor while switching to Smart Broadband!

My new lipstick favorite: Valentine Kiss by Happy Skin and Kris Aquino

Securing travel plans for 2014 <3 

Catching the premiere of Starting Over Again because my unabashedly romantic heart is a sucker {since recently} for Filipino films. I liked that the film was realistic, too and none of that happily ever after crap {Oops.}

My favorite sanitizer minus the spelling.

Trying out Smart's mobile broadband

Probably how true love tastes like.

A visit to Smokey Mountain

Thank you VMV Philippines for spoiling me :)

Sunday Sparty with my favorite girls.

And our favorite cuisine right after :D I love it that I can come home to familiar things, thoughts and people at the end of the day. 

Happy V Day weekend, kids! I hope you had a good one!
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