Chronicles of Mineral Foundation: Ellana Minerals

There are many things we don't like coming back --- the shoulder pads, the mallet cut, memories of bad choices we made in the past, TV series we never want to watch --- you get my drift. Then there are ones we like coming back, and for the better.

Ladies, I am talking about Ellana Minerals.

You see, back in the beginning of this blog, so many years ago, I wrote about one of the many breakthroughs of my beauty blogging {and makeup fanaticism, may I say}. When I discovered Ellana Minerals' foundation, I knew I found the answer to my skin woes. I was just beginning my career yet I needed a constant foundation fix that didn't break the bank {I was a junior staff earning --- I can't remember but let's just say I had more money as a student than I earned then}.

Some five years later, Ellana Minerals is back and the once simple mineral makeup line now comes in an artistic packaging minus the atrocious prices.

The new pressed mineral makeup features illustrations by Soleil Ignacio.

What I Love about Ellana:

  • Consistency. Ellana will always be Ellana and in my book, this is the best mineral foundation I've tried so far. I've always been a fan of the loose version {check out a review from years ago here} and the pressed version is like a V2.0. As someone who's always on the go, it was a welcome change. It still had the original matte finish and superior coverage {though some would argue the loose version would be heavier}.
  • Derma-approved. Or in my case, my derma says yes to this. During one of my consultations, she asked me what my foundation was and quickly remarked that it was doing me loads of good as my skin was much better than from months ago.
  • No more fear of spillage. Actually, I do love Ellana so much I don't care that I'm toting the loose powder pot all the time. However, when the pressed version came out, I am more relaxed with tossing it into my bag.
  • Overall amazing quality. These days, I  always find myself reaching for my Ellana jar for that glowy, fresh look, reminiscent of my teenager years. Actually, my skin was not glowy at all when I was a teenager so yay, Ellana!

This is what 28 looks like. Nowhere near perfect but yay :D

Face: Ellana Pressed Mineral Powder in French Vanilla Latte
Mascara: Fairydrops Platinum in Black
Lipstick in MAC Pink Nouveau
Blush: Bobbi Brown Brightening Brick in Pink


I'd probably run out of adjectives but Ellana is probably the best everyday foundation I can think of on so many levels. You don't feelhinayang because it's inexpensive and it gives the right amount of coverage. The compact is a little bit over PHP 600 and it will last one a long time.

Ellana Minerals is available here.
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