Signs that you're already an adult

Lately, I've been coming to terms to the idea that I am truly, undoubtedly, already an adult. There would be days that I'd be hopscotching to the pantry singing the Jem and the Holograms theme song in my head at the office and I think --- maybe I'm really just 15 in the head.

Then reality comes and I get it. Man, we are adults. Let me count the ways.

via Mark Manson | Lessons to Excel in your 30s

  1. I have to zoom in to every social media post/photo of my friends to make sure I greet them when I see a ring on the girl's ring finger. In the past six months alone, I must've had about 20 wedding stories coupled with engagement ones. It is the season, indeed.
  2. When it used to be an army of bikes on weekdays, it's now a 10-car convoy to the spa with your girlfriends. Gone are the days that your mom/dad picked all of you from the movies and brought you all home. 
  3. Conversations suddenly revolve around equity, downpayment, insurance and the big ticket items. From feast days, to buying houses, to raising kids and raising managing husbands.
  4. ... and planning bridal showers and baby showers
  5. ... and paying for everyone's rounds.
  6. Weeknights are spent conservatively. Whereas there used to be nights that are all about endless amaretto sours and dancing till the morning then straight to work, we all go home now at 12 AM max because we have a serious meeting at 8 AM.
  7. You actually wear cycling shorts under short shorts for fear of incriminating photos which can reflect upon your weekday reputation / job. 
  8. You can actually afford wine during lunch time
  9. There is a certain amount of effort needed to maintain the body you used to have in your early 20s. 
  10. Fast food is something you avoid at all costs if you can. For some reason, curly fries just make you feel fat when eaten too many times.
  11. You begin to take grown up trips {one that includes more than one continent} and with friends.
  12. You know your Meralco ATM/Reference number. If your online banking process fails, you know you'll rush to pay it in the bank rather than have to go to the actual Meralco office.
  13. One word: Amilyar.
  14. The stock market is part of your lunch time conversations.
  15. Because you know that deep down, you really know that you don't know what you're doing, and that no age will ever let you know that what you're doing is right and yet you forge on and do it anyway.

Also, you know you're an adult if you're a fan of

Jem and the Holograms