Chronicles of Online Shopping:

Right now, the only thought I have is that my legs hurt from circuit training yesterday. I am due to go to the supermarket so I can buy me some new household cleaning items {from Waitrose, where else?}, fresh vegetables and yogurt. I also need to get me food to cook since I'm proud to say I do cook now! =P

Lately, that's the only shopping I'm doing as I can do some serious damage when I'm in the actual store. This is why I've resorted to online shopping instead. Ladies and gentlemen, meet

I've been thinking of getting an everyday kind of bag, nothing too expensive since I basically use the bag to transport stuff, 100 meters away from home to the office. My requirements are that of price (nothing expensive) and b) classic design.

I zeroed in on this classic black bag:

Black Checks + Rivets Bag at USD 21.55 (PHP 948.22)


  • Being an online store, had a good range of options. It took me a long time to finally choose one because of all the classy designs.
  • It looked like it was relatively easy to order though the kind folks at were the ones who ordered for me.
  • Shipping was free and it came about two weeks after order was placed.
  • I declared actual value of the bag at Customs and surprisingly, no charges were asked of me. YAY!
  • accepts Paypal. YAY!
  • Overall, a pleasant online shopping experience. 

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