Things I Love Sundays: Perceptions

I just finished reading an article on stress perception ---- that a person has 43% risk of dying from heart disease if she believes that stress is harmful. This fact is from a psychologist named Kelly McGonigal, who studied 8,000 Americans and how they perceive stress.

The truth can be said about life --- how you perceive it is what makes the difference. There will be days when you don't want to get up in the early morning, not in the late morning and in the back of your head, maybe ever, or until the bad feeling goes away. There will be times that only way to fall asleep is by exhausting yourself by crying relentlessly into the night and wondering how the hell you had so much water in your body. There will be days that you wake up happy and know in your heart that there's no possible way to make yourself un-happy.

Life is always like high school -- there will always be bullies but you can always fight. Also, no adult ever knows what he's doing. We just get better at hiding our fears.

It really is all about perceptions. Nevertheless, gratitude is a great practice one must do as much as we can. I know I don't as much as I want to but here we go.

My high school barkada is complete! :)

Matchy Matchy with Martha :D

Coming home to the south, getting done with facials, having dinner with the loves of my life.

Somebody asked for my fansign! I know I am so unworthy and I am no celebrity but special shoutout to you, Jen! Hope to meet you someday :)

A fun scent to uplift one's spirits.

Ogling pretty {designer} threads at the Hervé Léger launch at Shangri La Mall East Wing.

Room with a view. 

Strangers kissing for the first time. Do you remember your first kiss?

Midday Martinis

My partner in crime is now a mommy to be. I can't wait to meet Camilla!

To friendships we miss and to new adventures.

My life is full and happy and blessed, as I perceive it to be, thank you so much :)
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