Maybelline's Color Tattoo and Learning Calligraphy

There's a lot of excitement when I get to sneak away from my serious corporate life and enjoy the funn-ness and lightheartedness of beauty blogging. Most often, beauty blogging events {at least the ones I go to} are intimate, formed like girls' chika date and without intimidating cameramen whizzing around.

It's especially more fun when the afternoon is all about learning something new, indulging in old habits {I did study calligraphy as a kid}, meeting old acquaintances {hi, Isabel!} and new ones {hi, Chuchie!}.

Thank you for the lessons, Ink Scribbler!

If one thinks about it, being skillful in the area of using the calligraphy pen is pretty useful in say, doing the cat eye. I wing my eyeliner pretty much everyday and there's a delightful little satisfaction I get from a successful one. It reminded me of days when my father {the biological one} would teach me how to roll a pen as I write, draw a perfectly straight line without a ruler and write beautifully. I think I got my handwriting from him.

On a girlier side, we were introduced to Maybelline's new Color Inks, which came in ultra-waterproof formula and uber bold colors:

Edgy Emerald | PHP 379

Barely Branded | PHP 379

Tenacious Teal | PHP 379

Painted Purple | PHP 379

Audacious Asphalt | PHP 379

Gold Rush | PHP 379

Inked Pink | PHP 379

Bad to the Bronze | PHP 379

Initial thoughts: I only use one at a time for fear of having to spend so much time removing them but they are easily removable with a makeup remover {I use VMV Oil-Free Makeup Remover}. Friends say they're somehow blendable and I've seen the Maybelline folks do it themselves. I'm looking forward to adding some color to my makeup regimen over the next few days :D

Maybelline Color Tattoo is available at all Maybelline counters all over the Philippines.
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