What I Know For Sure: Ignorance is Bliss

"Since when have you started caring about what other people say about you?" 

As much as I want the above line to be under my credit, it isn't exactly so. It was one of those nights spent nursing a yummy cocktail and dishing out about the week that was.

My friend, C, blurted out the line above when I told her I've been very careful {to a fault} of how I conducted myself.

"Since when have you started caring about what other people say about you?" 
"Since I realized it will be hard to do this without changing myself."
"It should never be the case, you're there because of who you are, not because you can cut yourself into what a document states you to be."

It was at this point that T jumped in: "

That was the statement of your life: I am different. Why the sudden rush to be like everyone now?"

Damn. I have forgotten why I liked being different {because I honor everyone else's differences}, how to respect myself and how much premium I gave others for standing for their own beliefs.

Hearing about someone's opinion of me should never change that {except that I watched Easy A after finding out and vegged with a bowl of butter popcorn and yogurt}. Ignorance is bliss, but it is bliss that's hard to earn.

So you like wearing tutus on Mondays? You're the kind whose body temperature never goes down and must always be in cotton? You don't believe in mainstream music? Devastated about the Gwyeth-Martin conscious uncoupling? So what? What other people think of you is none of your business. And how you want to deal with things is none of theirs.

Current GVOY | Legally Blonde | Watch Me Shine

In the brighter side of things, here's how my week had gone. It had been such a beautiful week!

Most days, my schedule looks like I'm trying to cram five big tasks into five minutes. BUT, we soldier on.

Look at this boy kissing me <3 

I found a new sport I'd like to pursue :D

When I started my list, I only wanted to learn anything that I needed to know just so I won't drown {which I achieved} but a chance to learn the sport in a more organized way presented itself so I am doing it now, and with friends, too. PLUS, it's such an amazing workout!

Because :)

Meet my friend, Ananda, who made me rainbow looms!

The BDJ Box Beauty Ministers at last Sunday's BDJ Box Social <3 

Guess who's back?!

My old team + my current brand =)

My perfect selfie partner + perfect roomie, Nicole of Beauty & Sparkle who lovingly defends me against anti high maintenance people :D :D :D

And as Oscar Wilde said {illustration by Chinie Hidalgo Diaz}:

At the end of the day, despite knowing you can go through your life alone, it's nice to know there are a select few who wants to be a part of it and is willing to accept you, quirks, red shorts, crazy music taste and beliefs and all.

Life is good --- I hope it is for you, too.
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