Chronicles of Eye Bags: Shiseido Sheer Eye Zone Corrector

I don't understand why we have eye bags, I truly don't.

Especially now that I've moved my world around the simple goal of being able to sleep longer {I'm one of them who needs eight hours to function}, I realized the persistence of the appearance of eye bags even when I've devoted so many hours of my life applying eye cream and sleeping.

Being the geek I am, I researched on the reasons why we get eye bags. Here are some of my findings:

  • Having a salt-heavy diet --- Eye bags are water trapped in the skin under the eye, after all. No more salty food and food with soy sauce.
  • Crying a lot --- eep, no more watching tearjerker movies!
  • Sleeping on the sides. This allows the undereye to gather water while we sleep. ACK!
  • Excessive drinking and smoking.

Thankfully, the world of makeup is a kind one --- and there's always a solution to puffy, dark circles. 

With a sheer finish, this unique corrector neutralizes dark circles with exclusive color and an ultra-thin formula specifically for the eye zone. In 6 shades, Sheer Eye Zone Corrector cancels the discoloration around the eye based on the skin tone around the cheek. Just-applied finish lasts all day.

With special thanks to friends from Shiseido, their new eyezone corrector was right on time as I couldn't keep myself from clawing out salty junk food and my rom coms.

Here's what I think about it:

  • It took me a long time to get the pen to open, as I had to screw it out numerous times. 
  • Shiseido's Training Manager Carmel Villongco mentioned during that afternoon tea that the pen works best in duo --- so I got the 103 and 104. One is pink toned and another is yellow toned. 
  • The brush is AMAZING. I've been reading about proper concealer application {downwards vs. just around the eyes} and Shiseido's white brush is perfect for this technique.
  • Blends well, melts into the skin and is perfect when patted with Ellana Minerals foundation.
  • Lasts considerably long {though best to wear primer, of course} especially in airconditioned rooms.

This is me, pre-makeup.

FOTD: A drop of Maybelline Dream Liquid Mousse
Shiseido's Sheer Eyezone Corrector in 103
Ellana Minerals in French Vanilla Latte
MAC Girl Boy Brow Set
Fairydrops Mascara 

Happy Skin's Shut Up and Kiss Me in Summer Fling
Bobbi Brown Brightening Brick

Overall : Ladies, I think we've found a perfect match. Hooray!Shiseido Eyezone Corrector retails for PHP 1,250 at all Shiseido stores and counters.

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