Things I Love Tuesdays + Contest Alert

I just had a eureka moment ---- I am so much happier when I don't look at my Facebook feed. 

There's just so much joy in not knowing literally everything about someone, down to what they think of right that very second. I know a couple of friends who voluntarily withdraw themselves from Facebook and they do get to enjoy life more by reading more books, experience art in a tactile way and have more groundbreaking conversations. While social media is not bad per se, an uncurated feed is the worst way to consume social media. Chain mail posts, tacky videos. thoughts and things we want to un-see.

Anyway. This is why we have InstagramPinterest and Twitter for. Edit, edit, edit! I am now sparing you from further sarcasm =P

During the holy week, I went to a retreat in Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University and for three full days, I had one train of thought and a vegetarian lifestyle. One week later, I am back to being my real self {that would be the sarcastic one heh xx} but it does help to move on to future thoughts when the mind wanders over to thinking about the past and wastes time on moments that does not do us good things.


It's always nice to go outside. The sun have been oh so hot these days and my aircon has been in full blast during times I'm just at home but nothing beats actually having a reason to be outside, like having an ice cream and waffles at the park.

Heima doin'. {yes, somebody has been re-watching FRIENDS}

Sunday mornings with Gabó | Toby's Estate

Sometimes, we move.

And sometimes, life means lazing around with a cup of cappuccino in hand and a good book.

Tuesday kind of music:

With the Notes in My Ears | Peter Broderick

And because I'm feeling stumped lately, how about you suggest a topic for what you want me to write about in this blog and the two topics I like most will win a L'oreal Shine Caresse Lip Gloss. Don't forget to include your email address!

I will announce the winner on May 8, 2014!

PS: April 2014 is Chronicles of Vanity's sixth birthday, too!

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