MAC Playland Spring 2014 Collection

AHHHHH, my favorite collection to date!

Collection launches are almost always a hit or miss, either the collection is too avant-garde and runway-exclusive {not wearable at all for daytime and casual days} or too neutral to be special. Then again, I am no makeup expert, just a girl who likes MAC lipsticks and fun, playful colors. In all of my twenty eight year old glory, I came to the media launch in half a colorful outfit and got sugar rushed! :D

Welcome to M∙A∙C Playland, a funtastical wonderland where spring becomes a fabulous whirlwind of creativity and amusement. Make merry in luscious shades of Lipstick and Lipglass in playful pinks, brilliant purples and bright corals, and toy around with a carousel of Casual Colour pots in neon orange and hot pink. Pigments offer the promise of leisure and mirth, and Chromagraphic Pencil adds a cascade of colour to this season’s most fun-packed fantasy.

The launch was held at the North Atrium of Powerplant Mall in Rockwell and I couldn't be any happier that it was held on a Friday afternoon --- hooray for legit half day Fridays, gotta love the company I work for! There were huge balloons of giraffes and balls and a cotton candy woman, as you can see above.

These mochi balls with ice cream were my favorite. So yummy and apt for such a hot day!

Silly girls at the Playland event :D In this photo, with Nicole of Beauty and Sparkle.

Lipstick Mafia #1: Me in Happy Go Lucky and Nikki in Red Balloon

Lipstick Mafia #2:  Angela wearing Enjoy It All

I bought another lipstick {Sweet Experience} but I wish I got Happy Go Lucky, too! {Check out the blue liner on me, too!}

Are you ready for the collection? Scroll down!

L-R {PHP 1,000 each}: Playland, Happy Go Lucky, Red Balloon, Enjoy It All, Sweet Experience and Toying Around

MAC Casual Color in For Your Amusement

MAC Casual Color in Young At Heart

MAC Casual Color in Hi! Jinks!

MAC Lipglass: Carousel, Bright Side, Live It Up, Lots of Laughs, Pure Silliness

MAC Chromagraphic Pencils: Process Magenta, Genuine Orange, Black Black and Hi-Def Cyan.

MAC Playland {is hopefully} still available at all MAC stores nationwide. They're limited edition so goodluck!

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