Why I Love Coconut Water

When I was younger, I remember my mother would always buy young coconut {or buko in Filipino}, have it sliced open and make us drink the juice. It reminds me of weekends at home because we'd always eat something tough to cook, like kare-kare, only my favorite dish ever,  sinigang {my brother's favorite}, several dishes of vegetables and there would be coconut water. We never had Coke {which is every other Filipino family's lunch staple}, so I guess,buko juice was my life's version of coke.

It's been a long time since we've actually gathered together like that as our family gatherings are more of the hotel kind, or spent in a restaurant with our entire clan kind. I miss the simple days like those, and most especially, I miss weekly buko juice fixes!

Nowadays, I rely on modern forms of coconut water, which are just as yummy and just as healthy!

Why do I love coconut water anyway?

  1. Coconut water aids in cleaning out the kidneys. Our grandmothers always make us drink coconut water to avoid kidney stones and scientifically, this is because of its sodium-reducing properties.
  2. It's a good alternate to sports drinks. Now that I engage in sports and work outs every day, I lose so much water through sweating out and instead of sugary sports drinks, I bring with me a box of Tropicana to replenish liquids faster. Though old-fashioned water is just as good, too!
  3. It's a healthy antidote to a hangover. Haven't had one in a long time which may tell you I'm such a lola, but friends swear by it, so it must be true!
  4. Some say that coconut water aids in making acne disappear by applying it on the face, though I've never tried this. In general, I feel lots healthier when I started drinking coconut water everyday!

Are you a coconut water fan? Share your thoughts with me!
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