Mornings have become my new nights, when I find the time to gather my thoughts, be truly alone with myself {a feeling I crave many a crowded day}, strategize on my schedule, practice my speeches {if any} and be truly grateful.

I'm in the crossroads of something scary, something hurtful, something exciting and last night, as I spent one of my last dinners, for now at least, with my bestfriend, I am reminded that life no matter how good one is at strategy, at planning, in following every task when it's supposed to be executed, there will come a time that life will feel like the rug was pulled underneath you.

It does feel a lot like that now. You can shield yourself from what is two, four or ten steps ahead of you but things do fall through cracks but there will always be something that's coming up from your east. Or west.

You get my point. And when this happens, the only thing left to do is just surrender. I have been reading this post by David Bonifacio, albeit about something you look for in a partner, I can't help but quote a paragraph:

Entitlement ruins many things. Entitlement is simply thinking we deserve something and is most obvious by how we respond when we don’t get it. Every time we respond in anger, hurt, or complaining when we don’t get something, we are exhibiting entitlement.

For now, I surrender.