Things I Love Sundays: Banana Pancakes

It's a Jack Johnson kind of Sunday.

And if you're a fan of this man, you'd know that a Jack Johnson Sunday is a lazy one, one that involves rolling over the bed, wasting time, giggling and daydreaming.

Banana Pancakes


Of course I didn't waste too much time. I eventually got up to do a lot of cleaning --- the fridge, the bathroom, the laundry. I've been traveling for the past month so my apartment has turned into a chaotic little space. Still, Jack Johnson croons in the background and I'm happy. 

Starting the day right.

My favorite <3 

Banol Beach-ing.

I caught a fish!

In the company of so many people, I learned the importance of liking my own company, of eating in nature, of knowing that there are things you'd rather not tolerate, people you don't need to please, words you don't need to say.

Being stuck in traffic, heavy rains and some flood and coming out sane. {a good playlist and a powerbank helps!}

Champagne dreaming with my friend N was just what I needed that night.

Finally meeting Camilla Claudette.

And catch up with my kanin partner, Michelle :)

I'm a grateful girl this week, and looking forward to what this week will bring to my doorstep.

Happy week ahead!
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