Travel Tuesday: The Titanic Museum in Halifax

On the ride home from Laoag in Ilocos, the bus we were riding in was playing an old movie, Titanic. Not the best choice for a long drive but we made the best out of it: reminisce the days of our childhood and our immense crush on Leonardo Di Caprio. 

I remember visiting the Titanic Museum last year, when my family visited Nova Scotia. I didn't realize there was such thing, but as I learned, Halifax was a crucial place in the history of Titanic. According to our collegiate tour guide, when the news of the British maritime vessel, RMS Titanic broke out, the dead bodies were ordered to  be brought to Halifax while the survivors were sent to New York.

Outside the Maritime Museum in Halifax, NS

I remember the heartbreak. There were the remnants of the master list of the dead bodies, where the passengers were described as "boy, about the age of 5-7, wearing blue trousers and white button down." During the time of James Cameron's preparation for directing the Titanic, James visited the Halifax cemetery and Jack Dawson fan girls were hard pressed to see that a tomb bore the name James Dawson. This James Dawson, whether or not was the inspiration for the character of Jack Dawson {played by Leonardo DiCaprio}, received tons upon tons of flowers.

The museum carried a remnant of the grand staircase of the Titanic,

and no, there were no real life Jack Dawson and Rose DeWitt Bukater.

They said it was unsinkable.

Several years later, the world remembers the tragedy, the heartbreak, the loss.

We are hopeful for the world not to experience such a thing ever again.

Maritime Museum of the Atlantic , 1675 Lower Water St, Halifax, Nova Scotia B3J 1S3 Canada‎  (902) 424-7490‎
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