Things I Love Sundays: Oblivion

Sometimes, the best part about life is just going with the flow and not over analyzing it.

Like for example, I am declaring the day to have been a great success after nailing down suppliers for a friend's life event where I will be participating in. It's a fun weekend because in two days, I've been inside the cinema twice, catching up on the blockbusters {Maleficent and X-Men, both worth my money}, and have had my fill of yummy, artisan food.

Sometimes, I dream of becoming a paint namer, or something.

... or a flower stylist.

Some days, ago, I got to indulge in a little bit of "New York style" partying, lots of laughs with bloggers who've become friends over time, sipping purple-hued cocktails as we watched the Makati sun go down.

Life can be a lot of work sometimes, but I've found a narrow silver lining somewhere: and that no matter how bad the day seems, one can always put her head up and smile and face whatever that needed facing. And if you're lucky, the bad feeling will just go away if you close your eyes hard enough and wish for good things.

Happy week ahead, my love.
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