#TechThursday: Powerbank Review: Xiaomi Powerbank 10400 mah

In a nutshell: Best PHP 2,000 spent.

By no way am I a tech-reviewer like Carlo Ople of Unbox.ph, but I do have my fair share technology-ridden life. When you're a former social media manager, a digital marketer in the professional world, having no battery is a no-no. While I can truly live without the help of gadgets, it's just easier to live with one. And really, why not?

Some months ago, I went to Glorietta {the revamped section} and bought one Xiaomi Powerbank {10400 mAH} from Henry's Professional Store, upon the recommendation of my friend Sophie. It sold for exactly PHP 2,000 and while I didn't realize it then, but it was a good PHP 2,000 spent. Here are reasons why:

  1. After a good, solid three months, my Xiaomi powerbank works the same way as it has on the first day. There's no decline in power {ie. less battery run, no longer charging times, faulty anything etc}.
  2. Charging time is about 5 hours for 100%. I get to charge my iPhone 5s 4.5 times on a full battery. I know, right????
  3. Reasonably priced. I loved the fact that I didn't have to break the bank to get a powerbank (=P). It was only PHP 2,000 and I know it's a fair price for the many times it saved me from a gadget-less day. I'm glad it can charge my iPad, too, as well as my SmartBro mobile wifi.
  4. Well-designed. Is it just me or it's super bagay with Mac products? It's aluminum alloy shell is a lot like my MBP and its white panel is just like the white iPhone. It's aesthetically pleasing, as I am not fond of cutie, funky powerbanks, and this one is just perfect for me. It's not nakakahiya to bring out in social gatherings and to let other people borrow. The white cord is small enough not to be bulky and it's a simple white one so it's not tacky at all!
  5. When I bought this, I honestly had no idea what was Xiaomi or how reliable a brand it was. Much later, I found out that Xiaomi or Mi, as it is known, is a Chinese mobile phone giant. It should be good.
  6. A bit heavy. I feel it in my shoulders when I carry my Xiaomi powerbank but I just make up for it by lessening my makeup in the bag. That's how much I love my powerbank :P

Do you have a powerbank? What's yours?
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