Things I Love Sundays: Happiness

There was this conversation I had with one of my friends and how he is always so afraid of being happy like he did not deserve it and that when one is happy, something bad tends to happen.

I've always thought otherwise.

I always believed that happy people attracted more happiness in life.

This week was one of those that was inevitably joyful, sweet, and beautiful ones. The kind that no matter what tomorrow brings, you know that you will always happy on that day, that hour. And thankful :)

It was a rainy Tagaytay wedding, but just as beautiful as the bride and as dashing as the groom.And here I am with my gray gown, and flats, because climbing hills in heels is crazy.

Dez and Sherwin were my high school friends --- so it was especially fun to see two people get married, though I remember the days when Dez and I spent all day watching The OC, sometimes parked in various corners of the subdivision, crooning to Tori Amos' Sleeps with Butterflies.

Here we are, getting to our happily ever afters steadily :)

Monday night was Barbi Chan kind of night, and as always, it's a fun, laugh-filled night, whenever Barbi is in town.

Two things I love: Jellyace and Deborah Lippmann's Happy Birthday

More beauty stuff for giving away and sharing to my Chronicles of Vanity readers!

My first ever MD at Colgate is leaving his PH post to move to India, which is sad for us because he's an awesome boss. Happy for him though and his big promotion :) 

It's only been a few months since I moved to Colgate and I feel like there's so much more to be done, and yet here's an award! It was a big surprise and my heart is super grateful.

Sun Life is #1 again and I was lucky to be part of their thanksgiving celebratory party :D

... which meant listening to Ely Buendia :D

... and spending time with my ati, Tania! :D

It's been an amazing week, I am smiling all the time, as in as soon as I wake up. I'm glad and grateful :)

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