Chronicles of Store Runs: Kipling

A lot about the word Kipling evokes childhood memories. A lot of it is triggered by memories of having Kipling bags when I was still in school, and of course, the famous author, Rudyard Kipling, who wrote The Jungle Book. I remember my high school crush having a maroon Kipling bag --- so this resulted to me wanting a Kipling bag, too {as opposed to Jansport and Eastpak, which was uso back then}. I found Kipling to be more hipster {no such thing back then though} than all the others, so I went with that.

When eventually, I grew up and got exposed to more and more bags, Kipling had been pushed at the back of my mind until much much later.

Like now.

I'm glad to see the brands we grew up with innovating. I especially liked that Kipling, upon a store visit I did some weekends ago, even has a line collaborated with a Belgian blogger, Natalie Joos. I didn't know this, but Kipling originated from Belgium, home of the finest chocolates and waffles {??} hehe, and now that I added Belgium to my itinerary this European summer, I can't wait to tote my Helena Christensen Kipling tote there, too!

Girltalk over bags on a Saturday morning :D

I was easily distracted to where these salmon-colored bags were. These look too good for a beach/regatta trip!

Speaking of travels, I didn't know they did luggage, too!

These babies will surely stand out at the arrivals.

Always toting a black bag? Experiment with colors with Kipling's Pre-Fall Collection :)

If you're not ready for a big bag, how about wristlets? 

And because I'm in a cognac, brown phase, I decided to get for myself a bag from another collaboration, with model Helena Christensen!

And while at it, grab some colorful Kipling wallets, too!

Kipling is located at 2F, SM Aura, McKinley Ave., Taguig
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