Bath to Basics

Taking a shower is one of the most underrated things in the world.

As I type this, I am itching to jump into the shower. I want to stand under the shower head for a good long hour and let the cold blast of water drown out the smell of the outside world. I know I've said this over and over but I am one of them who has a perennially sensitive nose. I can smell everyone within three feet radius {much more when closer}. HOORAY when someone smells good. BUT it will wreck my day when there's a bad-smelling one. Like today. I smelled someone who needs a shower, so I'm a bit, well, not in a very good mood.

In a very humid country like the Philippines, bathing is not only a suggestion, it's a requirement --- maybe thrice a day, too.

Some days ago, I attended a spa party hosted by Watson's at Neo Day Spa. It was one of those girls-just-wanna-have-fun types, where known personality dev't coach Olen Lim talked to us about bathing, how it will never be acceptable for girls to be stinky poo {double standard, I know but I completely agree} and how fun it is to take long, luxurious baths.Now, I know you might have a lot of bath methods and requirements like me but nonetheless, I'm sharing them with you below. Feel free to chime in!

Bloggers, represent :)

  1. I don't have a heater installed. Because I read somewhere that hot water ages the skin, so I never bothered. I only shower with hot water when I'm in cold places, which is not all the time anyway. Not too sure how true this is though :D
  2. Showers always makes me feel better. My friend C would always tell me to jump into the shower whenever I have a bad day. And true enough, all is right in the world. Try it! :)
  3. Start from top to toe. I use Cure Aqua Gel before anything else or dry brush my skin. Then I wash my hair first {with shampoo, then conditioner}, leave the conditioner on, proceed with body wash {I'm liking Watson's Peach Body Wash now, YUM}, body scrub then body wash if it's a weekend, followed by specialty washes like feminine wash, foot scrub, etc} and wash everything off. I wash my face separately so my hair gunk doesn't flow into my face.
  4. Use a towel for everything else, and a facial tissue for the face. If you're breaking out, try this nifty technique.
  5. Layer on the scents. Sometimes, when I have more time than usual, I use the same scent for my body wash, lotion and perfume. It makes a whole world of difference in making the scent stay. :D
  6. Speaking of Watson's, their yummy bath stuff {body wash, body scrub, YUM!} is having a promo: If you buy PHP 500 worth of the bath products, you get the limited edition 750 mL bottle of Sunset Paradise hand soap. If you're an SMAC member, you can buy it for PHP 400.

Manila girls alert!

Watsons Philippines’ last leg of the Bath to Basics campaign will be held in SM Manila, from August 14 to 19. This is the last chance for people to enjoy amazing deals and freebies from participating brands such as Dove, A Bonne’, Nivea, Gluta-C, Moringa-O2, Asian Secrets, Erase and Jao Ming, Yoko, Cosmo Skin, Cetaphil and GlutaMAX; and indulge in free hand massage service, courtesy of Nail Milan.

The Bath to Basics campaign is all about getting pampered while boosting your bathroom habits. Achieving better health and skin doesn’t have to be tedious and boring—you can still indulge yourself in spa treatments within the comforts of your own home. Plus, this is also the chance for people to acquaint themselves with other body care alternatives, such as body scrubs, bath salts, body wash, etc.So what are you waiting for? Head to the Bath to Basics activation booth in SM Manila from August 14 to 19 and get pampering!

Special thanks to Watson's Philippines and Neo Day Spa for this post :) As for now, I am off to go and take a long shower!

Contest alert: guess the price of the item above and you will win a gift pack from Watsons if you guess it right! :) Winners will be announced on September 1, 2014.

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