#TravelThursday Inspiration: No Reservations

I'm back home for a few days now and despite the comfort of upcoming trips, I am still feeling hungover from my trip. The travel director from my trip says that the best way to cure a travel hangover is to plan the next one. So here I am, at 2:05 AM, eyes wide open for where to go again.

As a background, my favorite travel TV show is playing on the background, Anthony Bourdain's No Reservations. Doesn't he have the best job ever? Paid to travel to eat, explore, get drunk even, party? Amazeballs.

This episode is one of my favorites, Colombia. Why, you ask? Because Colombia is one of those intriguing countries you just wanna go to!

This one is of Paris :D

And this one is of Rio. You can tell how in love with the place Bourdain is :D

Ah, to travel!It truly is the best way to educate oneself!

Happy Thursday!
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