In Bruges

I made it.

You know how sometimes even with the best plans, you end up late? It happened to me and it happened on the day I was headed to Belgium.

I had woken up early, around 4 AM, but since the bed was nice and soft, I slept another two and a half hours. At promptly six thirty, my host, Sophie, came knocking with my breakfast. It was the traditional Dutch breakfast of boiled egg, breads {oh where do I begin with the breads, so good!}, jams, butter, yogurt, muesli, peaches, coffee, freshly squeezed orange juice, assorted meats and cheese.

I swear, that was worth waking up to.

After an hour or so if taking a shower, preparing, playing with Sophie's cat Frank and some more chatting with Sophie, I headed out to Damrak 26, which was the meeting place for the tour. The next thing I knew, I was running to the coach for the Bruges tour, with a Canadian couple.

I made it, but it's just amazing how I can make a bit of pickle with my plans.

Anyway, I'm glad I made it. It was a chance for me to see the Dutch countryside - where trees seem lighter than the trees back in Germany. The Belgian countryside is even more sparse in terms of trees, at least where I passed by. It's nonetheless beautiful though and as you go south, the weather is getting warmer. I didn't realize it was such a small country, just 10.5 million people in population and same in size as the state of Maryland. It was formed in 1880s, when Napoleon lost the battle of Waterloo and the French section of Belgium wanted to be part of France whereas the majority, which speaks Flemish, didn't want to be. So they formed Belgium.

Belgium is like a pretty, mild mannered girl with a hint of wildness in her eyes. Unlike Amsterdam, Belgium is not known for adult entertainment though you can find the rare adult store in Bruges. Here, you can find the prettiest cows, sheep, white swans and black swans along its canals. Mussels, fries and chocolate are the top three Belgian foods one must eat while there.

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