Flying Solo in Amsterdam

So far, I've made it to my bnb in one piece and without getting lost. I got into Amsterdam quietly this Tuesday morning. My host have specific instructions so that was great and Amsterdam isn't that hard to figure out.

Today, I'm sitting inside an Italian restaurant with the best tartuffo pizetta I've tried. It's sprinkling and the sun is shining at the same time. In the background, Ben Howard's Old Pine is playing. The air smells different. Cleaner, like a blank slate, however might you want to imagine that.

The problem with traveling alone though is that you want to both get lost and get to where you need to be. The fear of the tram and train can overwhelm you but you just gotta do it.

So I did. And it's been awesome so far. I finally saw the canals up close, decided to just do it and get lost in the city. Ironically, it was when I got lost that I met some friends on the streets. The weather had been crazy as it was in Munich so when it got rainy and sunny, I'd quickly duck into a book shop or some souvenir store and peruse the items.

It's funny what you can find in Amsterdam. I'm pretty sure someone I know would've enjoyed the city so much :)

Just when I thought I hadn't been as into books as I have been, I find myself in the arms of a library for an hour. Surely, all the books were in English but the way it was curated just screamed Dutch. Where else can you find Wes Anderson's book next to a Banksy but in Amsterdam?

It's been a promising day so far. Can't wait for the rest :)
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