Things I Love Sundays: All the Good Things

I feel like now is a good time to dare say I am blessed. I say dare because I don't want to use it so loosely --- like things we see in social media as a means to humblebrag. In church, I discovered that grace and blessings that those we get regardless if we deserved them or not.

This week, I got so many things I didn't deserve. I wouldn't go into detail what they are but I am a very happy and grateful girl :D

In other news, here's what went on with my week: I'm happy to have celebrated with my friends, spent days absorbed in my craft, read wonderful books, felt loved and been hugged a lot :D

Reasons to wake up super early in the morning: beautiful choices to make

This holistic beauty kit from our friends from Myra E and Light & Love is all sorts of pretty and useful. I actually bought the ingredients for the first recipe in this Yummy recipe book!

Another day as the #IAm group {hehe, inside joke} =P

Saying yes to an adventure is always a good thing :D

Kilig with my new nails: NCLA's Beverly Hills Bunny :D

I was in the process of embedding this photo when I saw that Laurent commented on my post. What a sweet man! :) Stay tuned for my review tomorrow!

This video from Under Armour is an inspiration on so many levels. Never let people tell you what you can and cannot do, after all!

This week's soundtrack, on repeat, i still inspired by Garden State.

Chocolate | Snow Patrol

Thank you for a company that lets us have perfect hair :D :D :D

Have you seen the newest Palmolive bottles yet? :P

Thank you, Tania :D

I missed you, too, Heisenberg.

Magnum Opus Coffee love

What's your week like? I'm so excited for this week! :D :D :D
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