The Franck Provost Difference

"Are you okay, Tara?"

Laurent asked me for the fifth time that night when I went into Franck Provost at the Manila Peninsula to have my hair colored. It wasn't the most ideal day to have my hair colored --- I was on my laptop to finish a report, had to read a long keynote file, digest everything and discuss it, too. On top of that, my nerves were nearly fried from waiting for something. But it was harder to get an appointment with the Laurent Hebert, creative director of Franck Provost Philippines, so like a bride to a Vera Wang gown, I fit myself into Monsieur Hebert's schedule.

Formerly at the Fort, Franck Provost is now home to the discreet and private basement of Manila Peninsula.

Laurent welcomed me at the salon together with the rest of his team. I didn't expect him to be the actual person to do my hair since I didn't tell anyone I needed to anyway. I kind of assumed his schedule would be jampacked with celebrity haircuts {standing --- at that!} but he did, so that was a nice surprise. In the photo above, he was mixing my hair color,

L'oreal Majirel Golden Iridescent Golden Blonde and Blonde. L'oreal Majirel is L'oreal's premium hair color line --- which when I started using some years ago, made me stick to it. Whenever I'm in a salon, I only choose Majirel.

Monsieur Hebert explained a lot why he chose these specific colors for me. However, due to his thick French accent which sounded incredibly sexy to the ears, I couldn't decipher and take note of why. I just kind of nodded happily and entrusted my hair to someone who dedicated two hours of his life to making sure I was going to get the loveliest hair color I could. Unlike other creative directors whom I've worked with {not a lot, but quite a handful},

Monsieur Hebert did most of the work himself --- such as mixing the colors, applying the colors himself, positioning the heater, timing the clock and even blowdrying my hair. I was told by his assistant that he was well on his way to a vacation the next day so we talked about that while I was being rinsed off the color. Apparently, he had to cancel his vacation due to the beginning of the semester at the Franck Provost school where he also teaches. 

Me: "How long have you been living here?"
Him: "Nine years now."
Me: "You must love it here."
Him: "I do."

Soon enough, it was time to reveal my freshly-colored hair. It was nothing shocking {no reds, no blondes or aqua blues for me}. Laurent mused, "Voila!" in all his French accent and I was happy to see healthy looking brown, slightly dark blonde hair. 

Overall: There's a reason why the French are regarded as the best when it comes to approach in beauty and I was glad to have been witness to this. Not saying no one else is as good, that's yet for me to discover. But for now, let's just say that I've found my best hair coloring experience in the chair of Franck Provost's Laurent Hebert and it would be tough to topple that over.

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Franck Provost is located at the basement of the Manila Peninsula hotel in Ayala Ave., Makati City. Call 02 843 7629 for an appointment. Don't forget to choose Majirel.