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It's been almost a month since I've returned from Amsterdam and despite being seeped back into home, I don't think I've missed a city this much. My cousin who lives at the Dam does say I'd have to wait for Paris before calling the Dam my favorite city ever but right now, it is. The charm is just palpable, there's so much artistry going on, a lot of things that needed figuring out.

The first time I saw an Amsterdam canal, I honestly thought there was just one. As it turned out, there was a lot of them. Any street that had gracht in it was a canal :P

A month later, I finally have the time and the mood to write about my travels. It's my way of emptying my RAM {memory, in simpler terms}. I feel like I haven't really rested yet since and yet I want to throw myself back again. 

Do you get how much I love Amsterdam already? =P

If you ever visit the lovely city of Amsterdam, don't forget to consider my favorites:

American Book Centre | Spui 12, Amsterdam |

This was one of my very first stops in Amsterdam, and the longest, too. I think it started raining while I was walking along Spui so I ducked into the nearest door I could find. I didn't think it would be so quirky inside, but it was. :)

ABC Finds: Banksy, Caligraffiti and the category Street Culture

ABC Finds: Wes Anderson's collection, a collection of Tumblr posts, Alexa Chung's IT and others

The minute I got into Amsterdam was also a hungry minute. As soon as I saw a friendly-looking cafe and pizzeria, I walked in and ordered a pizzeta tartufo and a cup of capuccino. YUM. | Restaurant Forno, Rhijnvis Feithstraat 43, Amsterdam

Anna Van Den Vondel Straat | Street Art

Openbare Bibliotheek Amsterdam | Amsterdam's Public Library | Oosterdokskade 143, 1011 Amsterdam |

Probably the biggest library I've ever been to, with all the titles you can think of, in any language possible. This one is walking distance from the Amsterdaam Centraal station

Beside OBA is a yummy pizza cafe called  Vapiano which serves food, and all you have to do is just punch it into your card. Thanks for the reco and the lunch, Jackie! 
{Oosterdokskade 145, 1011 DL Amsterdam}

Where I stayed was a stone's throw away from one of Amsterdam's parks, Vondelpark

Van Gogh Museum | Paulus Potterstraat 7, 1071 CX Amsterdam

Van Gogh Museum is actually the #1 thing on my list and it remains to be my most beloved part of the trip. I'm not sure why --- maybe because Vincent Van Gogh was such a character to get to know. His work was a rollercoaster ride on its own and he had such an interesting life. 

Makes me remember of this Dr. Who episode:

My cousin and her husband took me to dinner at the posh Envy restaurant, which was Michelin-starred, too. We had about five dishes, all of which I can't remember now, but definitely one of the best dinners I've ever had in Europe. Prinsengracht 381 1016 HL Amsterdam +31 20 344 64 07

Art Gallery Vault 17 | Overtoom 141, Amsterdam

See? More canals!

Amsterdam's Bloemenmarkt or the Flower Market, Singel, Amsterdam

Old Amsterdam Cheese Store | Singel 490, Amsterdam

Netherlands' biggest museum: Rijksmuseum | Museumstraat 1, 1071 XX Amsterdam

I owe my understanding of this museum largely to the presence of Alain de Botton's commentary all over Rijks. What an amazing writer.

Travel tip: Save yourself the 5 euros and download an app on your iPhone and just bring your earphone for the audioguide :) Do the same for the VVG museum.

Naturally, Van Gogh's most famous self portrait can be found at Rijksmuseum, too.

Of course, I just had to see them for myself. In my opinion, it was pretty overrated :)

Lastly, Art Unlimited on Keizergracht 510 1017 EJ, Amsterdam

This was one of the first stops I had on my first day and immediately, burned off some euros =P I had to resist from spending all my money in this place :D

Got any Amsterdam favorites?
Happy Monday!
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