Things I Love Sundays: Changes

How many changes can girl undergo in so few weeks?

Not really talking about massive changes but there had been thoughts running in over my head as I sat under Jude Hipolito's and Rose Velasco's chair. I've always known that a girl who cuts her hair changes her life {I know this too well} but if your hairstylists' hair are indistinctive colors of blue, gray and green, who knows what can happen?

I honestly don't know.

The week had been a blur --- almost didn't have enough rest from being at the BDJ Box Social at SM North last Sunday. I'm glad I was able to rest and recharge the night before plunging into the week that was. 

Despite the craziness and the restlessness, I had been able to find pockets of peace and calm through moments I am able to make decisions on.  Making decisions in life haven't always been fun but I do miss it. I miss it a lot. I miss it like I miss having long hair like I miss feeling like a lady.

Anyway. Here were some of the highlights from the week:

Read: Me Before You by Jojo Moyes.

I finally had to take a break from men-lit {have been into Bourdain for so long} and like I said, I wanted to rekindle my lady side. I'm glad I made the right choice of reading this charming creation by Jojo Moyes, as recommended by one of my friends' sisters.  This one is about a British girl who finds herself simple, and eventually gets into a job caring for a quadriplegic. Love this one :)

Watched: Rak of Aegis.

I'd never watch Rak of Aegis all on my own or all on my decision-making, so I'm thankful for the girls of the digital team at Sun Life {yes, my former team!} for taking care of the logistics and stuff. We ended up laughing so much over the  funny take on the Philippines' realities of flooding, bribery, the singing. It was a good idea to brave the way back to QC for this.

Tea, funny {wise} coasters, a pastry from my office neighbor and my favorite mug, which gets stolen sometimes at the office, LOL

Window shopping with my perfect selfie friend, Nicole at L'Indochine, where everything is just so pretty!

We witnessed the opening of Strip and Browhaus' new branch at Mega Fashion Hall!

Dinner at the Spanish restaurant Boqueria with my girls. Yum!

Finally coming to terms with my new dark hair. I've always said I'm never coming back to dark hair but here I am and liking it!

Some thoughts I had before sleeping last night:

How I have to to incorporate more things into my budget like money for my new goddaughter/god-children, funds for several upcoming weddings which I'll be the MOH of, which means several bridal showers, a cousin's wedding, my 30th birthday next year oh and my 29th pala muna.

Growing older indeed!
Don't know what's up this week but I'm excited for it. Bring it on!
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