Of French Women: Dany Sanz

One of the many things that fascinate me most times are French women. At home, my shelves are lined with books about the glorious beauty habits of French women, their je ne sais quoi, and how they're effortlessly shrouded in mystery.

Exhibit A: Catherine Deneuve

Exhibit B: Ludivine Sagnier

Exhibit C: Clemence Poesy

Exhibit D: Vanessa Paradis

Exhibit E: Marion Cotillard

Some nights ago, we were being introduced to some of the new stuff happening at a cult French brand, Make Up For Ever, when I had a chance to get to know all about the founder of the 30 year old makeup brand, and yet another enigmatic {crazy fun} French woman, Dany Sanz.

When asked how she ever came into becoming a makeup creator:

Image via: W Magazine

In the early Seventies I was painting sets for a play, and they needed to paint the face of one of the actors to look like a white mask. The makeup artists were classically trained, so they didn’t know how to do it, but I knew I could. Within a few years, fashion magazines were hiring me to paint clothes from the collections onto models’ bodies, and soon after that designers began asking me to do this for their shows.

What's not to love? The woman is so kooky, fascinating and colorful. I'd be honored to meet her! Below is my pick from the latest releases from Make Up For Ever. Vibrant, crazy and intense indeed!

And below are some shots I took of the eye shadows we were presented at the catch up dinner with Make Up Forever.

Two hundred shades of nude, yes please.

Happy 30th, Make Up For Ever!

Stay fabulous {and crazy}!
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