What I Know For Sure: Judging

How you judge others is how you judge yourself. 

A very wise friend once told me the wise words above, which she says are from another wise person, some philosopher, might've been. It rings a lot through my head these days, when life is challenging {nonetheless fun} and prone to judgment. You see, I used to be really judgy. Like I always had opinion of things, people, situations and that I believed I had a right to judge them just because I can.

Looking back, I know this was because I was insecure a about a lot of things. I would unknowingly put down someone so I think I'd look better in the eyes of the people I'm talking to. In the end, I only displayed my behavior towards myself: which was critical, unfair, judgmental.

I'm thinking about this a lot because one of my friends have been the subject of unfair judgments. She was taking a beating from a girl who pounced her disapprovals of her like the monsoons came on to the Philippines: one after another. She was coming to me for help because she couldn't take it anymore and wanted to know if it was worth changing herself just so she wouldn't be judged.

This snippet of wisdom came in handy --- to always know that other people's perception of us does not matter if we're at peace with ourselves. And when we're about to pass on a nasty judgment about someone else. Our judgments will always be a reflection of us and not of another.

Happy Sunday!
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