In Flight Beauty + Other Beauty Updates

Happy Tuesday, ladies!

It's almost the end of November and I can feel the craziness of the holiday rush. I don't normally go out of my comfort zones {aka The Fort, hehe} but I recently have been out and about so I felt it. WOOO! Super mad traffic everywhere.

Anyhoo. I know you miss my beauty updates but I haven't been as sipag  here than I was very diligent with my beauty articles over at So I'll bring them over here but I hope you can hop over there, too!

There was this movie I saw at a festival some months ago called Amour Et Turbulences, where the female lead, after many, many years, incidentally sits beside an ex-boyfriend on a plane from JFK to Paris. While it hasn’t happened to me yet, the horror of appearing at my worst beside an ex-boyfriend or a crush inside a plane where we will be together for hours is just a nightmare.

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JURO Salon, as it is known in the city, is probably most popular for this one thing: the price tag. As I found out, a cut does not bear a standard price tag but is almost as much as a brand new car battery or even more–thereabouts. I never really found out how much mine cost as it was complimentary. But as I walked out with my new, multilayered, took-four-hours, precision-cut of a hairstyle, I knew I was walking out with the wisdom of a professional and a haircut that was all me.

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At the BDJ Box Beauty Social last month, my fellow Beauty Ministers Nicole and Barbi mentioned that some people have an allergic reaction to even seemingly harmless cosmetics such as BB creams. I don’t know exactly what makes us break out from it but this does not stop us, me in particular, from trying new products such as Happy Skin’s ZZ Cream.

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ALSO:How to tell someone about their bad breath

Sometimes, it’s not about us. It’s definitely someone else and it’s bad. As in bad odor. Or bad breath. The first times are always forgivable but as the frequency goes up, it also gets more and more uncomfortable.

That's it for today, ladies! Enjoy the beauty reads, smile and have a great day!