Sharing the Softness

Wow. I'm exhausted.

I'm so tired from the day's mental activities. I don't need to elaborate but it's been tiring lately. As a personal philosophy though, it helps to zoom in to what's fun.

Today, I got to hang out a bit with my friend, Trixie. Trixie and I go way back --- she, at Nuffnang, and I when I was in Sun Life. Actually, it was more because of this blog. One of our defining moments though was that we both started at our current employers on the same day.

More than catching up, I wanted to give her something --- some sort of symbolic gift. I see myself in her -- the busyness, the ropes being stretched out, juggling a lot of tasks. Did I tell you she's a budding entrepreneur and a great baker? I'm actually inspired by her and her yummy cookies!

This is me, my friend Trixie and a bottle of Jergens. For our incredibly busy, frantic lives --- and that through it all, may we always have soft skin :P

Happy Wednesday!