The Secret to Smelling Great All Day

Ever had those days when no matter how much perfume you sprayed on yourself, you just don't smell good, especially when you've spent the day under the sun? I do. Last week, I spent a portion of my day under the hot sun at De La Salle University for a job fair, representing my company.

 As part of my insurance against smelling like the sun and well, like a child playing under the sun {ergo, amoy araw}, I reached out for my favorite body cream with matching hand lotion and proceeded to smell rather pleasantly all day {I do, per my friends, all the time} =P

Kracie's Happy Sweet Peach is my go to lotion for that sweet smell all day :P PHP 495

Kracie Happy Sweet Peach Hand Cream, PHP 295

I find myself reaching out for this during days I am craving for that calming, sweet smell. If you're not a fan of peachy smells, there are other variants from Kracie, all as yummy smelling!

Kracie Dreamy Bloom Rose Body Milk

Kracie Dreamy Bloom Rose Hand Cream

Kracie Fine Apple & Gardenia Body Milk

Kracie Fine Apple & Gardenia Hand Lotion

Kracie Fantastic Berry Body Milk

Kracie Fantastic Berry Hand Lotion

Kracie Melty Jasmine Body Milk

Kracie Melty Jasmine Hand Cream

Kracie Shine Orange & Bergamot Body Milk

Kracie Shine Orange & Bergamot Hand Cream

All Kracie products are distributed by Beautybox Corp. in the Philippines and are available at Beauty Bar branches nationwide.

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