Valentine's Day Thoughts, 2015

It's that time once again that we're all in the semi-dreadful weekend of cheesy lines, overpriced flowers, V Day special dinners and lovelorn couples strolling the streets. Unlike my 27 year old self, I think I am less cynical about things, and reading all kinds of literature I can get my hands on to be a chill person who loves herself, well, did make me accept things well.


I may not know a lot of things right now, on the matters of relating to others of the romantic kind, but I do know I like myself enough to follow what I want, to honor who I am, what my schedule is, my antics and tantrums. I also know myself well enough that I'll stick to a relationship when as much as I can, that I am capable of committing and choosing a person because I am no longer that person who is on the lookout for someone better who might come along. I also know well enough that I will survive and thrive on being alone if I have to but I also open my life to anyone who earns the right to be in it.

To anyone who's actually thinking that someone better will come along: It's a myth. That someone better who will come along is the result of the choices he's made, who life molds him to be, or who the people surrounding him make him to be. If you're with someone now, I hope that you treasure that person for who he is now, than hope and pray he changes into someone else in five years. If you're with not with anyone, keep your head high, buy yourself a trip somewhere, explore the world, as my plan to do today is. There are many kinds of love in the world, and while no love is ever the same way twice, there's always the kind that you have with yourself. What you have inside will be the basis of how your relationships with everyone else will pan out: If you expect somebody to love you, I think it follows that you be the first.

PS: If you're a guy reading this, any girl who tells you she doesn't like flowers on Valentine's Day is lying.

Happy Valentine's Day, folks.