Things I Love Sundays: Serendipitous Things

I kinda miss my thoughts on makeup and beauty and all these innocuous things. I will get them back soon, I promise. For now, I am sharing some stuff I've taken note of this past week. It is the Valentine's Day week after all. Every where you look, there's a girl carrying a ridiculously big bunch of flowers. I've taken to document some of the nice ones I've seen, and taken to choose ones I really like.

I don't have flowers this year, and it's okay. :) I have something better than this, I think. Although at some point, a dozen of blush pink roses or tulips is a good idea, hehe. I have a great life, one that is well-designed, filled with amazing people, great company and serendipitous moments that surprise me in the unexpected time and ways.

Here's my phiosophy at work: I came here to work, not to make friends. And if I happen to make some, then all the better. Say hi to my friends at work!

I got this dress from Zalora and I love how it fits me so well!

In one of those rare moments of serendipity, I walked into my new doctor's office and as it turns out, she reads my blog. :D How awesome is that?

Shoes make me happy. Whatever. I'm a shallow person.

An #OOTD from the Travel Expo, my annual Valentine's piligrimage :P

... where I was greeted by a hunk who delivered my Maybelline lipsticks for a red hot Valentine's Day :D

It was a long Valentine's weekend and there was this.

What are weekends without mimosas and eggs ben? :D

And for your Monday music fix, may I suggest you listen to this fun song from Walk the Moon called Aquaman? :P