Mt. Fuji and Missed Chances

When I was in  2.5 years ago, the one thing I missed doing was coming to Mt. Fuji and taking a side trip to the designer outlets in Gotemba. When you're traveling alone, it's easy to slink back into sleep and miss your bus.

When I hear Fuji, all I think of is how I kind of slink back on all the many chances I've intentionally missed. Not just that trip to Gotemba, but all of the times I did not stand up and grab life by the horns. I wouldn't really go on into detail: there has been a lot. This thought has been reminding me not to waste precious days giving in to my {extended} sleep, to negative feelings creeping up or the what ifs in my head.

Anyway. This reminder now comes in the form of The Body Shop's Fuji Green Tea Line. I recently received and spent time with friends from The Body Shop {who's now with SM group of companies} their new line:

Fuji Green Tea Body Scrub

Used to detox and cleanse with a refreshing scent

Fuji Green Tea Body Wash

Also available in Body Soap.  Choose any of the 2 variants as these 2 products will help cleanse and revitalize our skin after exfoliation

Fuji Green Tea Body Butter

Based from our favorite The Body Shop Body Butters, they have the same texture yet the scent is amazingly refreshing!  

Fuji Green Tea Body Lotion

Fuji Green Tea Body Sorbet

Fuji Green Tea Eau De Cologne

The Body Shop Fuji Green Tea line is available at all Body Shop stores nationwide.