There's A New Curl in Town

If there's one beauty brand that's the ultimate when it comes to throwing beauty parties, it has to be Benefit. Benefit parties are often held in fun, huge spaces, girly music is always playing when you enter, there are all sorts of beauty toys up for display and sometimes, there are even topless men running around. If you're into that.

Benefit's Roller Lash Mascara promises unprecedented curling power even without the use of a lash curler!

It took Benefit a long time but after several brush attempts, they finally found the right one!

I swear, Benefit has the best branded merchandise. Awesome pink mirrors!

Look who we spotted at Skye! BDJ Girls Kate, Dar, Candice and Em!

{and Wesley}

There had been fun stuff to do like tarot reading and stuff but I spent the afternoon chilling with my beauty blogger friends and drinking pink cocktails.

That's me and the fabulous digital girl of Benefits Cosmetics Philippines, Tasha.

I'm wearing my favorite sheer turquoise dress from Suite Blanco and my super duper high heels from Charles & Keith :P

As for the star of the show, it's just the curliest mascara in town. And yes, Chronicles of Vanity thinks it works wonders without using a lash curler!

See? Amazing curling power! I think the power of this mascara is in the very fluid but thick liquid formula, and the brush, too. No clumping!

Benefit Roller Lash Mascara is available at Benefit Greenbelt 5, Trinoma, Glorietta.